Facade Delabie

Facade Delabie

Facade cladding with HAVER Architectural Mesh

In Friville-Escarbotin, France, the new office building of the company DELABIE received a façade cladding made of HAVER Architectural Mesh. HAVER Architectural Mesh offers architects and planners a multitude of design options for exterior facades. In new construction and renovation projects, the wire mesh cladding combines sophisticated aesthetics with high functionality. From a wide range of different mesh types, the architects of A4 architectes chose the architectural mesh EGLA-MONO 4391. They were not only convinced by the elegant aesthetics of the mesh cladding, but also by the functional properties of the metal mesh.

Effective sun shading with a perfect view to the outside
The facade cladding made of architectural mesh EGLA-MONO creates a very homogeneous appearance with flat light reflections due to its smooth surface on one side. The semi-transparent wire mesh cladding is not only a simple design element; it also acts as an effective sun protection façade. This is because the mesh structure filters sunrays and provide a comfortably fresh and at the same time light indoor climate. With an open area of 52 %, the wire mesh façade cladding made of the metal mesh EGLA-MONO 4391 appears – despite of its sun protection function – extremely transparent from the inside and allows an unobstructed view from the interior out to the street.

Haver & Boecker supplied ready-to-install mesh elements. The mesh panels, up to 7.30 meters long and 3 meters wide, were tensioned over the entire height of the façade and mounted using the proven fastening system of flat tension profiles, clevis bolts and pressure springs.

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Facade Delabie


Friville-Escarbotin, Francia


fachada, protección solar

Tipo De Propiedad

oficinas / edificios comerciales



A4 architectes