Market Street

Market Street

Illuminated car park cladding with HAVER Architectural Mesh

In order to enhance the existing building, the facade of the multi-storey parking garage on Market Street in Philadelphia, USA, has been covered with a wire mesh cladding made of HAVER Architectural Mesh. During the day, the stainless steel mesh reflects the sunlight, after sunset the semi-transparent mesh cladding is illuminated in colored light. Several LED liners are installed in the lower area to illuminate the stainless steel mesh facade in the evening.

The transparency of the wire mesh cladding allows an abundance of natural light and air to flow through the parking facility, allowing car emissions to be dispersed outside the car park and improving air quality in the space.

Sargenti Architects selected HAVER Architectural Mesh EGLA-DUO 4222 for the façade cladding of the multi-storey car park. EGLA-DUO is a solid wire mesh, which can be used as fall protection and façade cladding as well as for many other applications. The mesh appears – due to the combination of flat wires and plain form of the round wires – as a uniform metal veil, which reflects light homogenously. With an open area of 46%, the semi-transparent mesh cladding also ensures the ventilation of the car park decks and provides a significant improvement in air quality without the need for expensive ventilation systems.

Market Street


Philadelphia, Estados Unidos de América


fachada, iluminación, diseño del color, protección contra caídas

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