Passerelle Paris Expo

Passerelle Paris Expo

Pedestrian bridge with fall protection featuring HAVER Architectural Mesh

As fall protection, HAVER Architectural Mesh made of stainless steel meets the highest requirements for safety and stability. Depending on the purpose, different weave types and alloys that are particularly resistant to weather and physical effects are available.

The pedestrian bridge leads over from the Avenue de la Plaine to the new Pavilion 6 of the Paris Expo. The semi-transparent stainless steel mesh EGLA-MONO 4391, painted in color RAL 1035, covers as fall protection both sides of the pedestrian walkway. Due to its smooth surface on one side, the wire mesh appears as a uniform metal veil.

Haver & Boecker supplied 38 ready-to-install wire mesh elements, including mounting system.

Passerelle Paris Expo


París, Francia


baranda, protección contra caídas

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